The Asian Islamic Universities Association (AIUA) was founded in April 2015, during the 1st Roundtable Conference of Rectors of Islamic Higher Institutions of Malaysia at Riau Declaration.. The purpose of this association is to assist member institutions to strengthen themselves through mutual cooperation and to achieve international distinction in education, research and public service; using holistic Islamic approaches.

In so doing, the institutions will contribute strength to their respective nations and to the entire region. Specifically, the Association exists to foster the development of the member institutions, to cultivate the sense of regional identity, and to nurture an interdependence and liaison with other regional and international organizations; with respect to research and education. It serves as a hub of information, provides a medium for the discussion of academic development and university development in general, assists member institutions in the recruitment and placement of faculty and staff, opens opportunities for academic staff and students exchange in the development of co-operative arrangements on specific projects, offers consultancy services, strengthens the relationship with regional and international bodies, and keeps member institutions informed about developments in the region. AIUA also recognizes and acknowledges distinctive achievements among its member institutions.


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