We spend our youth to learn and do learn that the hundred – millionth probably knows what humanity; and yet this knowledge of humanity, facing what we want to know ourselves in the naive aware of our little life is comparable only a few trees in a huge forest.

Now education, it must be something quite different. The proof is that we can not move forward the traditional argument: “It is all well and good; but life will draw the child: he will have to undergo! “Now it is very possible that this is precisely access to its development that will allow the individual to make his place in society. Society changes, the company has other needs, the company will ask anything to his men. She will ask them to distract her, to amaze, to surprise, to instruct, to introduce to cultures, to open his doors closed for eons. She will want to have access to the Holy of Holies, the areas once reserved for a few. She wants that initiates, we hold her hand for the first steps on all the paths of the Universe. She wants that he opens his eyes, that he may learn to see, to hear, to understand; she will want to know. Come on, my little men, now walk for it. Try already go through yourself. But suddenly I think. I am writing. But is there not within me an afterthought, a secret intention to direct your steps in the direction that I built, and where I want to lead you? No, I worry: I’ve changed, I am writing is for me: I am writing to act and I learn by doing. I am writing for you to return my message and you’ll help to develop it. That, I think, what we need to do now: we have to walk together, to help us develop our own by opening roads and offering them who might need it. This is my opinion as that should develop the trajectory of every child, every teacher, every man. Thus, the perspective of education changes. What we did understand? Freinet. For he that caused our Copernican revolution, saying that he had to leave the child. Is it not an idea loaded generosity, freedom, respect of people and also of truth, wisdom? But Freinet thought to help the development of the human being, he had to try to understand what were the best conditions for this development. In particular, if we knew the laws of human behavior, we could create for him backgrounds and the most favorable situations. We need more than ever to resume the idea. For now, all that was solidly always discards. The houses are not rectangular; music mixed their commas; the novel is decomposed and recomposed, dance said Mass for the present time, art diversifies. Everything now seems possible. More banned in the name of the rules, more “verboten” more sacred areas, reserved, privileged. I also feel like the others, allowed to take a fresh look at the possible. And why do not you admit it: this new perspective of “the whole man, all men,” I find myself dreaming of a popular science. No joke, I really dream of a “Science Po”, or more precisely a “science inches.” No no ; do not believe I am not against Great Science: I respect, I revere, I revere, I tip my hat. I’m not against basketball and volleyball. And indeed, as I speak, I want to tell you that both sports seem marked me deeply iron injustice. Listen: in boxing, there are categories: feathers, roosters, lightweight, welterweight; we do not fight against Cassius Clay Halimi. But basketball, volleyball, only large are entitled to the enjoyment of playing. And yet they represent only 5% of the sports population. It’s not fair, it’s not fair. Why not create a volleyball and a basketball 175 cm maximum size)? Thus, sports legions would not be frustrated. Similarly, create a science 175. And the legions of human beings will then have access to scientific pleasures. Not there either things are not as they should be they. Incidentally, listen Fourastie. Him, this is not a “wacky” in contrast, is someone serious, someone from the other world, someone who writes, which is published, which is recognized by the clerics. “The result is that we are taught to satiety what other men have discovered, but that says nothing or very little to us something of what they have not discovered, so desirable What would have be their discovery. very rarely speaks poorly of what they sought without finding it. As for what they could find in the interest of the same knowledge, or more generally in the interests of humanity, I believe that nobody has started to think. “The first striking feature is the immensity of ignorance. We spend our youth to learn and do learn that the hundred – millionth probably knows what humanity; and yet this knowledge of humanity, facing what we want to know ourselves in the naive aware of our little life is comparable only a few trees in a huge forest. We know neither live nor age nor die. We know almost nothing of the facts, even the most essential for us the character of our bride, or that of our boss, what it would do better to walk this enterprise, help the poor student, or console that friend in trouble … “the list is long of ignorance and painfully long felt in the flesh. That relating to the imbalances, deficiencies and mental concerns is too. “We must recognize that it is amazing and irritating to see that science gives us and gave us long knowledge that the average person can easily happen, and does not give those we have a dramatic need. I was always struck me for almost comic contrast involved the knowing with the last point, the 5th Jupiter satellite occultation time by his planet and ignore what a stable currency how difficult raising a child or how to cure the common cold. It’s always the astronomer who drops into a well, “” We are at the point where the Pleiades researchers seeking results that are already found and published. “(The Terms of Scientific Spirit Collection Ideas No. 96 Gallimard) I closed out these quotes. They are sufficient for us to accept to believe that the area of ??our research is open to infinity. One of our first tasks is to clarify our learning theory. Then we will focus on the construction of a more general theory of human behavior in society. Then we may be able to prevent mental illness, despair, and we may be able to fill the human joy. This could be done to know the extent of human needs and serve us tools we have forged us. If the goals of our struggle are clear, we will have the energy to the human being is fulfilled and no longer insane. It really is to found a new way of life and create a healthy society. Obviously the company homework writer
is huge and covers many more wrestlers than us. But if we already did what we have to do, we would do many things happen. If we give these objectives is that we are the son of Freinet. Freinet never fled synthetic and complex reality. It has opened many doors. Certainly education, there has been research outside of our movement, but “they could only be juxtaposed and proved unable to form the science of complex phenomenon: an organized, a set, a company are anything other than their constituents. “Yes, Freinet began very early on and his genius enabled him to discern the great laws of learning and behavior of human beings. He’s right, this fact is not enough. His thinking will really force when thousands of us will be fully seized. Then we can use it as a tool to establish new sciences. Mass education also requires a widespread awareness among the best current workers. This requires that each of us construct, for its own use, his theory. But be careful, please read Freinet: do not cross the diagonal and singer so-and-so. It would then plated as unintegrated and may come off at the slightest incident. “If the example is not interwoven in the experimental series of behavior, it is reported. He can be imitated, but actions it generates are not integrated in the chain of behavior.

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